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Lisa Mak

She is the founder of Bodywize, as well as Asias’ first master developer of AntiGravity®️ classes and teacher training programmes for the regions of Hong Kong and mainland China. Lisa completed her yoga teacher training with Swami Pujan, John Ogilvie and other Byron Yoga master teachers in Australia. Her passion for yoga and compassion for her students is always evident in her teachings. Her sequencing will help you better understand the essence of poses. She believes the path of yoga is meant to be a way to reduce the suffering created by our minds, and bringing balance to our emotions. Lisa is also very skilled in sound healing, using crystal bowls to help people improve their wellbeing through vibration and sound.


Master Nandu Singh

He is one of Asia’s first AntiGravity®️ instructors for the regions of Hong Kong and mainland China, as well as the creator of classes, such as Detox Air, using lower hammocks to appeal to the Asian market. He is an outstanding instructor not only for mastering various postures but more importantly, he possesses the character of a great master. He shares his teachings with a number of students across China, India, Canada and Japan. He allows you to ease into a posture step by step, and he also adds explanations about each posture to implant a deeper understanding of yoga. He exudes an aura of wisdom and competence. His strength is to take students beyond their capabilities so they can reach their greatest potential.


Master Bandu Singh

One of the first AntiGravity®️ instructors in Hong Kong, Bandu started to develop his own aerial yoga classes, such as Stretch and Core, and Open Up to fit Hong Kong’s busy lifestyle. He is an adventurous seeker of enlightenment who has explored many destinations. On his journey across the globe, he shares his philosophy with a variety of students in China, India, and Vietnam. Currently, Bandu resides in the Pearl of the Orient where students consider him to be an extraordinary yoga teacher. His mission has always been to guide others to achieve self-awareness and a deeper sense of physical alignment to help them find optimal balance in their lives, on and off the mat.


Allen Lam

Allen discovered Air Fitness in New York City in 2011. Originally attracted by its health and fitness benefits, he has been a fan of the fitness exercise ever since. He became certified in AntiGravity Fundamentals and Restorative by its founder, Christopher Harrison and co-developer, Shelly Bomb. His creative talent is theatre based as he is an accomplished choreographer and performer. Allen has performed with several major dance companies in Hong Kong and the United States. As choreographer, he founded his own dance companies and has partnered with renowned choreographers, visual artists, designers, dancers, musicians and actors in numerous productions which have earned major awards, including Outstanding Production of the Year at the 28th Hong Kong Drama Awards. He was given the Hong Kong Dance Award for organizing and staging an influential bilateral exchange project. His continued passion for and interest in physicality drives him to motivate and inspire others with his gifts.


Irene Lo

Irene Lo is a former member of The Hong Kong Ballet. In her 10-year ballet career she performed numerous principal roles with the company. She was the recipient of the Hong Kong Dance Award in 1999, awarded by Hong Kong Dance Alliance, and she received the “Most Promising Dancer” award from the Friends of Hong Kong Ballet in 2000. Yoga has been part of Irene’s life for 23 years. She is also a certificated yoga instructor under Yoga Alliance and finished the intensive training of Yin Yoga with founder Paul Grilley. She is also certified in Yoga Anatomy by Ellen Heel and True North Yoga Anatomy by Trish Brown. In her 12 years as a Yoga Instructor she has taught Hot, Hatha, Yin, Yin Yang, injury work, and she has worked with groups of dancers internationally for dance safety and body conditioning. In 2013, she was certified in AntiGravity Yoga. Lo is currently a freelance artist for various companies, including House of Dancing Water, and a faculty member of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA).


Alanna Emmerton

Alanna Emmerton grew up in Hong Kong and first discovered yoga 10 years ago while studying art abroad. After taking her first yoga class, she became instantly hooked on the way it made her feel more calm and connected, not only with herself, but also with the world around her. Alanna believes yoga is for everyone, and she is inspired to teach in order to share the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of yoga with others.